Congratulations to the recipients of the SANBE 2016-2017 Grants Awarded!

Michelle Mussel & Amber Potts - SAMS Physical Education and Health funding a speaker form Midwest Food Connections to present a lesson to our personal health and fitness classes.  The speaker will bring culinary and gardening adventures about healthful food into school classrooms through traveling food teachers.

Dan Wenkel - SAMS Life Science purchase of a 3D printer.  3D printing allows students to create engaging models that simplify complex concepts.

Josh Dumas - St. Anthony Village HS Biology A bio-plastics project that introduces a new, hands-on lab activity to the Bio-Medical and Environmental Technology (BMET) class, involving making biodegradable plastic out of potato starch. 

Val Anderson - St. Anthony ECFE provide additional resources and material to enhance the quality and scope of ECFE's outreach program.  The program goals are to reach out to vulnerable families that are not able to participate in early childhood education and provides new learning opportunities for district students.