Counseling Services

Mission Statement

The mission of the St. Anthony-New Brighton Guidance Counseling department is to empower all students, K-12, to achieve success in school and develop into contributing members of our society by assisting them in acquiring competencies in academic, career, and self-knowledge/interpersonal areas of development.
Student Services

  • Works with students individually, in small groups and in classrooms on academic, behavioral and social issues.
  • Offers groups which may include orientation for new students to the school, social skills, anger management, friendship skills, family change, etc.
  • Works with staff and families regarding the needs of students.
  • Facilitates home-school partnerships for student benefit, and helps families find community resources.
  • Facilitate the School Climate and Behavior committee, which plans building level practices and activities to maintain a safe and respectful school environment.
  • Follows through on reports of inappropriate behavior, investigates student complaints, and maintains data on building behavior issues.
  • Facilitates the Student Assistance Committee, which offers consultation and intervention for student and classroom needs.
  • Coordinates group standardized testing (Gates-Macginitie Reading tests, Iowa Tests of Basic Skills, Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments, Measures of Academic Progress.
  • Manages 504 plans for reasonable school accommodations for students with illnesses and disabilities (Americans with Disabilities Act)
  • Collaborates with community agencies.
  • Serves on the Crisis Response Team along with the principal, school nurse, school psychologist, and others as needed.