Milk Break

Students in grades K-5 have a milk/snack break each day. Students may bring a healthy snack and/or beverage from home. Snack/Milk Break money will be deducted from your child's lunch account. The cost of milk at snack/milk break is 55¢ daily. To keep record-keeping easier, please do not send money on a daily basis; a larger deposit ($32.00 or more) ensures that your child will have funds available for milk break and lunch for at least two weeks. Kindergarten students receive free milk at milk break through a federal program. Milk Break is not included in the Free or Reduced Lunch program. If your child participates in the free/reduced lunch program and wishes to have milk at snack, you must deposit money into your child's milk account (cost is 55¢ per day; please deposit money on a weekly or monthly basis). Limited funds are available for families who need assistance and may be requested through your child's teacher.