Illness and Sending Your Child to School

One of the goals of health services is to assure a healthy environment. Many students and families are frequently concerned about when students should stay home or attend school.

To protect other students and staff all parents should keep their child(ren) home from school or child care when the child has any of the following conditions:

  •     Fever - greater than 100°F in the past 24 hours (before fever reducing medications are given) or the
  •     child feels ill or is unable to participate in normal daily activities.
  •     Diarrhea within the past 24 hours.
  •     Vomiting within the past 24 hours.
  •     Rash with fever or behavior change that is undiagnosed.
  •     Untreated head lice.
  •     Eye drainage.
  •     Unusual color of skin, eyes, stool or urine.

Please report all suspected or diagnosed illnesses to the school. The Health Services Office should be notified when a student has a communicable condition (i.e., chicken pox, strep throat or head lice) so appropriate measures may be taken. Notices may be sent home when these conditions occur in a student's classroom.